Arthur F. Powell, OBE

Memorial Celebration, 14th March 2009

General View

Welcome by Mr Frank Powell

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I would like to thank you all for being here this afternoon on behalf of my mother Julia and my brother, Charles and sister, Paloma, as well as my own.

We have asked you to join us here to pay tribute to my father's memory and to celebrate his lifetime.

My father had a very varied life: he was a student of Fine Art; an accomplished pianist; a war-time pilot; an idealistic and radical undergraduate; he was an adventurer who decided to leave his country when he had enough and then, for the rest of his life, he was a teacher.

He taught English in Italy and in Spain; in classrooms and on the radio. To anonymous listeners in the Eastern bloc and to aspiring Spanish diplomats in Madrid.

When the time came to find a secondary school for us, his children, he shunned the options available in the Madrid of the late sixties. Instead, courageously and slightly fool-hardily he chose to create his own island of freedom and excellence and named it after another island: the birth-place of modern democracy and Human Rights: Runnymede. The rest, is history.

We have invited five of the most important people in my father's life to share their reminiscences of him with you this afternoon.

Music was my father’s great love; we have chosen some of his favourite pieces which will be played to you by members of our community: pupils, parents and teachers.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Sung by Aditya Rau

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